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What are the tips for buying flat mirrors? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-03
Flat mirrors have no degree, and many young people buy flat mirrors mainly for decorative purposes, and a large part is mainly for eye protection. In addition to professional optical shops, we can also see the sales of flat mirrors in many places. How to buy flat mirrors? Let's take a look at the tips for buying flat mirrors. With a good pair of flat mirrors, the lenses are very bright and beautiful, and it is very clear and natural to see things. Put the flat mirror in front of your eyes and look at things through the lens. If the things are not deformed and are very clear, when you move the lens, the picture also moves with the movement of the lens, and there is no sense of jumping, then the lens is relatively OK. If things are deformed, the lens is not qualified. For a pair of high-quality flat lenses, both the lens and the frame are flawless. When carefully observing the lens, the surface of the lens is as smooth as new, without scratches, cracks, chipping, sand holes, water ripples, bubbles, etc. Surface defects, feel particularly comfortable after wearing. You can also look at the tag of the flat mirror, or the instruction manual, which generally has information such as the trademark, manufacturer, quality certificate, etc., and you can also learn the specific information of the purchased flat mirror. Nowadays, many people buy anti-radiation flat mirrors. Generally, these anti-radiation glasses are mainly coated with anti-radiation film on the lenses. , nickel, mercury or silver metal films. Professional radiation protection glasses are recommended to go to the glasses store to buy, it will be more reliable. The style of the frame and the choice of the frame shape, the choice of the frame still needs to be based on the size of the individual's face, and should be purchased according to the principle of complementarity. This is the same as choosing the frame of myopia glasses according to the face shape. Don’t choose the same frame shape as the face shape. Only by complementing each other can the glasses be modified.
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