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What are the tips for choosing a sunglasses frame? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-16
The charm of sunglasses is unstoppable, especially in summer, you can see beautiful and handsome men wearing sunglasses everywhere. Different fashion styles and different styles are seductive and make people want to try. For people who like sunglasses to look more like wearing sunglasses, in addition to understanding the color of the sunglasses lens and the material of the sunglasses frame, it is easier to understand the selection skills of sunglasses frame for choosing sunglasses. The shape of the sunglasses frame is nothing more than round and square, and then certain changes and decorations are made on this basis, the line thickness is changed, and the frame edges and corners are prominent and convergent, all presenting a different geometric beauty. These different frame-shaped sunglasses can modify different face shapes, just right to highlight the beauty of the face and its own aura. Round sunglasses frame The round frame, the line design is very simple, the retro feel is relatively strong, because the round shape has determined that it is not suitable for people with particularly round faces, according to the complementary principle of the glasses face matching, the round frame is more suitable for square Face, and for those with tough facial lines, don’t have a long face. With soft lines, the facial lines will also appear soft. Slightly diamond-shaped round sunglasses frame. The shape of this frame is changed on the basis of the circle. Generally, large-frame sunglasses are also derived from the round shape. This kind of frame-shaped sunglasses is actually more suitable for large-scale sunglasses. Part of the face is a versatile style. With a large frame, it is not only suitable for long faces, but also for wide faces. The beautiful melon seeds and oval faces are also suitable, which can cover part of the face well, shorten the proportion of the face, and wear it casually. The more obvious feature of cat-eye sunglasses is that the frame is slightly raised, which adds a charming look. While covering the eyes, the upturned edges and corners can also cover part of the cheeks and shorten the proportion of the long face. They are suitable for people with longer faces. Similarly, melon seeds and oval faces are also suitable. The frame has sharp edges and corners, which can ease the softer facial lines. The drop-shaped sunglasses frame are classic styles, versatile styles, suitable for any face shape, and are also suitable for men and women. The lines are delicate and firm. For men, it can better reflect the masculinity, while for women, the firmness is characterized by softness. The aura is stylish and stylish.
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