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What are the treatment methods for juvenile myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-26
Myopia means that when the eyeball is in a static state, after the parallel light from within 5 meters passes through the refraction of the eye, the focus is exactly in front of the retina, and it cannot accurately form a clear image on the retina, which becomes myopia. The main cause of myopia is nothing more than environmental factors, and the other is congenital, that is, genetic factors that cause myopia. Therefore, prevention of myopia should start from an early age. For Qing Shannian, how to treat myopia? Let's take a look at the treatment methods for adolescent myopia. What are the treatment methods for adolescents’ myopia? 1. Because adolescents are relatively young, they should rule out false myopia before treating myopia, and then perform mydriatic refraction. Finally, if they are myopia, they can wear a suitable one. Concave spherical mirror correction. This method is the most common method of myopia treatment, simple and cheap. 2. Orthokeratology lens can be worn. This is an orthokeratology lens designed with a special inverse geometric shape. The inner surface is composed of multiple arcs. The hydrodynamic effect of the lens and tear fluid changes the geometry of the cornea, which can gradually flatten the curvature of the cornea and shorten the axis of the eye, thereby effectively blocking the development of myopia. It is called 'sleeping can control and correct myopia.' advanced technology'. 3. The use of quasi-graded laser technology can also be said to be corneal refractive surgery. The principle is to change the shape of the cornea by performing surgery, thereby correcting various bad refractive errors, and making the front surface of the cornea flat or steep . The advantage of this method of treating myopia is that it can completely cure myopia, and the operation is also very safe, but the cost of the operation is too high. 4. For adolescents with high myopia, ICL surgery can be used to treat myopia. ICL is a soft tool for intraocular lens and is another innovative technological development in the field of modern ophthalmology refractive therapy. This treatment of myopia The lens of the eye is thinner than the diameter of the hair, and the effect is clearer than wearing myopic frame glasses and contact lenses. The operation will not damage the cornea. It is a safe and healthy myopia treatment operation. 5. For some consumers with high myopia or macular degeneration, you can wear a telescope to correct the refractive of myopia and increase the distance vision effect by 2%-3.5%. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone. It can correct myopia and further prevent hyperopia. What are the treatment methods for adolescents’ myopia? After adolescents’ myopia, the degree of myopia will gradually increase over time, so we must treat myopia well to prevent serious damage to the eyes. The above is for everyone to share Some of the methods for the treatment of myopia in adolescents. If you want to know more about myopia prevention, you can visit the official website!
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