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What are the types of myopia lenses?_lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-04
Myopia lens is a kind of lens used in glasses to allow myopic people to see clear objects. It can effectively change the vision of our eyes, so that our life will not be affected by the inability of our eyes to see. What are the types of myopia lenses? Let's take a look at it together. The choice of myopia lenses can be based on the types of lenses. Different lenses have different effects. Let's analyze the functional characteristics of various myopia lenses. Types of myopia lenses 1. In the process of making lenses, color myopia lenses add some high-quality chemical substances, which play a role in sterilization and can also make the lenses show bright colors, allowing consumers to see clear colors. 2. The principles of color-changing myopia lenses and color myopia lenses are almost the same, but the effects are also significantly different. In the process of making the lenses, the photochromic myopia lenses also add some trace chemicals, so that the original transparent and colorless lenses can also become colored lenses when they encounter strong sunlight ultraviolet rays, which is very suitable for outside. Or use at home. 3. Colored myopia lenses and photochromic myopia lenses are just the opposite. The effect of colored myopia lenses is the same as that of colored myopia lenses, except that the way of making them is different. Generally, the color is painted on the surface of the lens. The darkest color is on the top of the lens, and then gradually becomes lighter down. 4. The production of polarized myopia lenses is simple. It just adds special chemical raw materials vertically inward to the lenses, which can filter the parallel dazzling rays of sunlight on the water, land or snow to the outside of the glasses. Ideal for beach activities or ski fishing. 5. Resin myopia lenses, including spherical lenses and aspherical lenses, are optical lenses made of resin. They are light in fabric, strong in impact resistance, good in light transmission and low in cost. They are now commonly used. Myopia lenses. 6. The main raw material of glass myopia lenses is optical glass. Its refractive index is higher than that of resin lenses, so under the same degree, glass lenses are thinner than resin lenses. The light transmittance and mechanical and chemical properties of glass lenses are relatively good, with constant refractive index and stable physical and chemical properties. In addition to the above 6 types of myopia lenses, there are also PC lenses, Essilor lenses, etc., which are frequently used in the optical industry. Among them, resin lenses are one of the most popular types of lenses today.
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