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What are the typical features of adidas sports sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Optical quality, safety, wearing comfort and durability is the core of the adidas sports sunglasses starting point. Below we together and see what are the typical features of adidas sports sunglasses. 1, the custom properties shuangkou nasal bridge? Allows you to easily adjust the Angle of glasses, can according to individual needs of each cyclists to adjust. With integrated Flexzones? SPX? Frame materials to ensure that its perfect, and have very good wearing comfort. 2、ClimaCool? Technical safety and visual belongs to a whole. Adidas ClimaCool? To ensure both. The dynamic ventilation system to ensure that the air permeability, moisture to the outside and ensure that the best management of air conditioning. Filter the curvature of the powerful also protect the eyes, and ensure the best visibility. The perfect vision, the best protection, perfect fit and durability is a sign of good sports glasses. Adidas glasses to further develop the performance. Because they always adjust according to the requirement of the specific movement, adidas glasses to make sure that you will not see the line of sight of you. Recommended reading: what sports sunglasses brand 3 and visual performance adidas glasses Vision Concept to ensure the best performance, the most modern technology development and innovation design, rapid change in light shade, strong ultraviolet radiation, dust, insects, etc. The most difficult conditions, offers a clear point of view. 4, security, to ensure the best vision, it is necessary to protect his eyes from the body. Therefore, safety is the focus of the glasses with adidas. Adidas sports sunglasses to provide maximum protection: material, filters and architecture - Everything is in order to protect the eyes and glasses, and improve athletic performance. 5, comfortable in addition to excellent visibility and good safety performance and comfortable performance of adidas sports sunglasses also is very good. The weight of the minimum and maximum flexibility and many functions, can ensure the comfort glasses.
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