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What are you choosing sunglasses myth

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Spring outing, we can see more and more fashionable men and women began to wear sunglasses, it is now is not only an ornament, people began to notice more sunglasses to protect his eyes, a pair of glasses can not only enhance the level of appearance, also can protect the eyes, naturally sought after by more people. So how to from the dazzling sunglasses market, pick himself satisfied with the sunglasses? Sunglasses factory to sort out a few common sunglasses selection error, help you better choice. Recommended reading: choose the sun glasses have a university asked, can not all sunglasses are 100% uv protection against uv protection function of sunglasses, the express way usually has the following kinds: 1, mark 'UV400' : said the lens of uv isolation wavelength of 400 nm, namely its spectral transmission in under 400 nm wavelength than the maximum value is not greater than 2%. 2, mark 'UV', 'UV' : said the lens for UV wavelength of 380 nm. 3, mark '100% UV absorption' : it means the lens is 100% for UV absorption function, that is to say, in the ultraviolet range of average transmission ratio is not greater than zero. 5%. Generally have more marked sunglasses are truly in the true sense of uv protection function of sunglasses, those who were not marked sunglasses were probably just borrowed 'sunglasses' title, shoddy. Second, polarized sunglasses are better than ordinary sunglasses lenses function is divided into different polarized lens, color antireflection film lens, lens and lens the five color lenses, become angry. The five kinds of the function of the lens have different effects. Polarized lens can block glare, let vision clear, generally suitable for driving, fishing, sailing, skiing and other outdoor sports; Antireflection and film lens surface coated with a thin magnesium fluoride, in order to prevent the strong light reflection, suitable for snow or strong reflective; Color lens lenses, also called dyeing in the lens production process, add some chemicals, allow the lens to present the color of the rainbow, this is the most common type of lens of sunglasses; Color lenses with color lenses in effect is the same, but in a different way, it is the color painted on the surface of the lens, the familiar fade the color of the lens, the darkest above, and then gradually down light, is the general prescription sunglasses is more color way lens; Color lens can change according to the intensity of the light color, the reason is skiing in silver halide material lens, let originally looking for transparent lens in light becomes colored lenses, for protection, the lens is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Three, foreign big shop sign is better than domestic easterners and westerners have differences in face shape, westerners angular face, facial features more profound than the east, line is very beautiful. Foreign brands more relevant their three-dimensional contour, and may not suitable for our Oriental Oriental style, so when choosing sunglasses, should choose appropriate oneself is the most important thing. Four, sunglasses just summer wear a lot of people think it's summer wear sunglasses type, winter is not necessary. Actually otherwise, wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes, prevent ultraviolet damage. In the cold winter, the air permeability, ultraviolet radiation is much easier to reach the surface of the earth through the air, the sun on the white white snow at the same time, there will be a strong reflection, the reflective will now cause damage to the eyes, so also need to wear sunglasses in winter, have very good protection effect to the eyes. Five perennial, sunglasses can not change the idea that serious mistakes, with the passage of time, the sunglasses lenses will be aging, long wear uncomfortable. Incorrect glasses maintain habit, will also damage the sunglasses, such as single hand take glasses, glasses encounter water encounter fouling processes improper, under the bright light exposure and so on. Above is the misunderstanding between the when choosing sunglasses, many people only know good sunglasses, but don't know chosen a sunglasses are really good, is not suitable for your sunglasses, again beautiful also just decorations, to protect your eyes is no good, hope everyone to polish eyes, don't be fooled by the beautiful appearance of sunglasses.
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