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What brand of basketball glasses is good? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-19
For friends who love basketball, glasses for myopia undoubtedly play a blocking role during sports. People often cause damage to the glasses due to intense collisions, or even personal injury. So here are some suggestions for choosing basketball glasses. 1. The better brand is the Wome brand basketball glasses launched by the American Lippo Optical Company. In terms of popularity, the better brand of basketball glasses is the Wome brand basketball glasses launched by the American Lippo Optical Company. This brand is The basketball glasses that passed the American spectacle appraisal standard earlier are the best in the market share of American basketball glasses. For consumers with tall physiques and large faces, only Womei basketball glasses have produced oversized basketball glasses. As for domestic brands, they are only suitable for customers with medium or small faces. Second, Korea SKY basketball glasses In addition to the United States, South Korea is a well-known country where basketball glasses are produced and sold. Among them, SKY basketball glasses are more well-known. These glasses have the unique personality of Orientals and are suitable for Asians who generally have a lower nose bridge. Korea SKY basketball glasses are specially designed for the best athletes in the East. The contour of this kind of basketball glasses is not big, and it is very close to the myopia that is usually worn, so the visual effect during exercise is better. Third, the domestic Bangshidu, Uniya and Kamet basketball mirrors. As for China, there are many varieties of high imitation basketball glasses. Among them, Bangshidu, Uniya and Kamet are more recognized by basketball enthusiasts. , These three brands have the same performance in terms of production technology and quality standards. The price of glasses is between more than 100 and more than 200, which should be a good and cheap choice. The disadvantage is that it is slightly less flexible, and some products will produce a sense of pressure, which is not suitable for consumers with high myopia. The last thing you must pay attention to is the choice of materials for basketball glasses. Because the resin lens will chip and damage the eyes under strong collisions, and the PC material has a high safety factor and is not easy to break, it is recommended that basketball players choose the latter material lens. Don't configure ordinary resin lenses for cheap.
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