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What brand of sunglasses is good?_Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-18
No matter what city or country we live in, there will always be a strong light from the sun shining on us when we go out. At this time, we will think of wearing sunglasses to prevent the damage to our eyes from the abominable sunlight in this hot and scorching sun. Having sunglasses can not only prevent harm to the eyes, but also can be used as a decoration for ourselves, showing our temperament, isn't this what we often say kill two birds with one stone? But professional opticians tell you, Even if you wear sunglasses, it doesn't necessarily prevent damage to your eyes, thus causing damage to your vision and weakening your vision. Now let's talk about what brand of sunglasses is good? In short, remember that no matter which optical store you wear sunglasses, you must first communicate with the glasses person and ask whether their sunglasses have the following characteristics: 1. Ask if this sunglasses can block the strong sunlight, if our glasses receive too much light, it will cause damage to our retinas. I just want to ask if your sunglasses can filter as much as 90% of the light when strong light enters the eyes and avoid the harm of my eyes; 2. Ask whether this sunglasses can also block the strong sunlight Ultraviolet radiation, because ultraviolet rays will damage my cornea and retina, can your sunglasses clear the auxiliary radiation of ultraviolet rays in most sunlight; 3. Ask whether this sunglasses can use polarized technology to eliminate glare, because The exposure of glare makes the water surface reflect a lot of light, so that the reflected light will disturb our line of sight, and sometimes hide some objects. It makes us look unreal when we observe a certain object; 4. There is also whether your sunglasses can clear the specific light frequency under the sunlight, because the frequency of some light will cause our vision to blur and see things clearly ; Five. Finally add a point: When choosing sunglasses, the correct choice of color glasses color is also the most important point, because only the correct choice of color, it can achieve the best effect in a specific environment. In addition, bad sunglasses can not help us block the strong light or ultraviolet rays of the sun, but also gradually enlarge the pupils of our eyes, which directly causes serious damage to our eyesight. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the following points when buying sunglasses: 1. Whether the lenses are stained or damaged, and whether the specifications of the lenses conform to the regulations of regular optical shops; 2. Try them on first to see if there will be any Dizziness, headache, etc., because some sunglasses have degrees; 3. It is better to figure out what color sunglasses you choose first, because the color of sunglasses will also affect visual recognition in different occasions; 4. Wearing sunglasses is to prevent the strong stimulation of the sun's ultraviolet rays, but to make our glasses relaxed and comfortable, so we must choose lenses marked with UV function when choosing lenses. What are the brands of sunglasses? After the analysis of professional opticians, when we choose sunglasses, we don't care what brand they are, because we wear sunglasses to protect our eyes. Therefore, when wearing sunglasses, we must choose glasses according to the characteristics and precautions of the above sunglasses, so that we can truly protect the retina and vision of the eyes when wearing sunglasses in our lives.
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