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What brand sunglasses good sunglasses brands and fashion trend analysis

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Sunglasses as a fashion product, has the very good sales around the world in recent years, the results are not only the result of sunglasses beautiful appearance design and as well as a large number of products listed. Is that people are becoming more and more emphasis on sunglasses ultraviolet prevention effect, in the beautiful at the same time also can better protect our eyes. Increased demand more promoted the industry of ginger, shame sunglasses in terms of the world, many of the big brands have sunglasses products, according to market research, sales and popularity good sunglasses brands as follows: a, ray-ban ( Peng) 雷- Ban( Was founded in 1930, the United States, the United States air force pilots designed products, specialized in sunglasses, bausch company's products, USA) 。 Ray to glare, Ban to block, its products are famous cutter 'RB', Italy 'RB' are created by highly skilled artisans in expensive hard perfect sculpture on toughened glass, nails too, have obvious AoTuGan. Replicas or laser printing, feel dull, no AoTuGan. From the brand establishment, ray-ban has been the world's best-selling sunglasses brand, the brand of high quality and elegant design and innovative optical technology makes the high quality lenses became one of the big selling point of ray-ban sunglasses. The brand lens is given priority to with glass lenses, shading effect is extremely strong, all lenses can absolutely block ultraviolet light, at the same time can filter the infrared and other harmful rays. At the same time also has a polarizing film technology, the design of the frame as well, ensure comfortable to wear. At the same time increasing the kinds of ray-ban sunglasses, formed the traditional, modern and future three series of style. According to different consumption object, as a gentleman, lady, sports three types: stable gentleman type noble, handsome and elegant fair maiden type, sports sunshine move feeling. Eternal design, concise design and the style of high quality is one of the important elements of this one brand is enduring. 2, the st Prosun ( China Taiwan trade MAOLIN group founded in 1991, to enter the Chinese mainland market in 1993, xiamen SAN industrial co. , LTD. ) 。 Three, dolphin or PORPOISE ( Zhejiang famous brand, famous trademark of zhejiang province, one of the best-selling brand domestic retail market, zhejiang center group co. , LTD. ) 。 Fourth, the eagle saw sunglasses ( American brand) , from NASA's jet propulsion laboratory, America's space agency, 。 Five, the tyrannosaurus sunglasses ( Famous best-selling brand, xiamen, the auspicious light co. , LTD. ) 。 Six, send li PARIM ( In 1992 to enter the mainland market of Taiwan fashion brands in China, presently for fujian famous brand products, xiamen xiamen sent li meng optical co. , LTD. ) 。 Seven, GUCCI, GUCCI GUCCI ( Started in 1923 in Florence, Italy, is the famous Italian fashion group products, world famous quality brand, GUCCI Italy company) 。 Eight, Dior Dior ( Christian dior began in France in 1946, on behalf of the noble and elegant life style, the essence of the world famous rovio MingXuan perfume cosmetics Shanghai co. , LTD. ) 。 Nine, PORTS, PORTS, World brand, originated from France in 1961, famous clothing company) 。 Ten, Helen Keller ( A focus on women's sunglasses, xiamen golden to industrial co. , LTD. ) 。 Eleven, sea dream sunglasses ( Zhejiang famous brand, famous brand, and sunglasses to research, design, development, manufacturing, sales in the integration of large glasses enterprise, zhejiang chang glasses industrial co. , LTD. ) 。 Twelve, PUMA PUMA sunglasses, the brand sunglasses more vitality, such as features, surface bending is bigger, products rich move feeling. Thirteen, Prada Prada sunglasses, glasses which are characterized by rich colors, in recent years many candy color design, pure and fresh and lovely. In addition, there are VERSACE VERSACE sunglasses. Pierre cardin PierreCardin sunglasses. CK( Calvin Klein) Sunglasses. Dolce & gabbana D& G sunglasses; Armani Amani sunglasses. Above brand sunglasses products have higher visibility, better product quality, design style and outstanding technology, the price also from high to medium is differ, but generally the real price not very low, some fake products on the market due to the uv protection product logo and the lens the optical performance of variable quality, when the choose and buy should pay attention to identify. Sunglasses because of the fashion and the characteristics of epidemic and protective, in the case of the quality of life gradually improve, more and more get the attention of people, the design style of sunglasses and design are also constantly updated with the development of times, the use of jewelry elements makes the adornment of the sunglasses function is more outstanding, more and more ornamental design patterns by laser, sculpture, painting and set auger lens barrel. Continuity of the new materials and technology will be the sunglasses development in the field of lasting power.
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