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What causes the formation of myopia?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-06
Nowadays, there are more and more people with myopia, but what causes it? Myopia is also unclear. Ophthalmologists have said that there are many reasons for myopia, and myopia is caused by the continuous contraction of the ciliary muscle of the eye. , The formation of accommodative spasm first, and then develop into myopia. The formation of most moderate and low-grade myopia is related to excessive nearsightedness during eyeball development. The formation stage of myopia is mainly 12 to 18 years old. People in this age group are mainly in a state of long-term myopia, such as: reading more books, busy with homework, watching TV, computers, playing game consoles for a long time, etc. Outdoor activities are significantly reduced What's more, eye hygiene is neglected, distance and posture are not paid attention to when reading, lighting and time are not considered, resulting in excessive nearsightedness at the stage of eye development. Below we introduce in detail the main causes of myopia. 1. Too much time to look close: Too little time for outdoor activities, and the current living space is too narrow, which makes it easy to fatigue the eyes. 2. Mainly indoor games: Many people fall in love with computer games and use their eyes at close range for a long time, which is a heavy burden on their eyes. 3. Improper light intensity: Too strong light will make the eyes feel tired easily, while too dark light will make the eyes unclear, leading to the habit of seeing things up close. 4. Wear glasses at will: The eyes have to adapt to the light entering the eyes through the glasses, and the eyeballs have to change accordingly. 5. The book paper and printing are not standard: the coated paper is too reflective, or the color contrast between the paper and the text is not clear, making what you want to see is more unclear, and the eyes are more prone to fatigue.
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