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What color contact lenses can make your eyes look bigger? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-01
Whether wearing color lenses will make your eyes look big and charming, you still need to consider the diameter of the lenses. The sales volume of color contact lenses in China is very high. I have to say that if you want to make your eyes more attractive with daily makeup, you must still use color contacts. But after all, there are many types of cosmetic contact lenses. What type of cosmetic contact lenses can make our eyes look bigger? How to choose the right contact lenses? Small diameter is more natural Although we all want to make our eyes bigger, it is impossible to blindly increase the diameter of the color lenses, otherwise, our eyes will definitely look very strange. If we want to make our eyes look bigger and more natural, then smaller diameter lenses are generally better. For example, the diameter of 13.8-14.0MM pupils is relatively natural, and because the outer diameter is larger than our pupils, the overall effect is a big eye effect. Moreover, at present, the natural small-diameter color contact lenses are more popular, and you can also buy them according to your own needs. Large diameter should consider your own situation. If you prefer to look very large eyes, then the large diameter can also be selected. Now the more common large-diameter color lenses are about 14.3-14.5MM. The diameter of the color lenses is different, and the degree of eye size is also different. Therefore, when we buy color lenses, we must pay special attention to the overall diameter of the lenses, so that when we buy suitable lenses, the subsequent wearing effect will be better. Choose color contact lenses according to the situation. After all, each of us has different situations, so the choice of color contact lenses should also take into account our actual situation. All the diameters of the color contact lenses will be introduced in detail, so we try to choose the color contact lenses according to our own situation, so as to ensure that the effect of wearing them is better. Try to be slightly larger than your own pupil diameter, so that the eyes are bigger and not very obtrusive. Keeping the effect of natural magnification is the better wearing effect.
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