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What color glasses look good with? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-10
Each color has its bright spots, and different colors can be matched differently. In this society that pays more and more attention to beauty, whether it is clothing or accessories, they pay more attention to their color matching, and good matching is also more set off for personal skin tone, temperament, etc., and glasses are also a kind of accessories. So, what color glasses look good on? Let’s take a look. 1. For younger people, you can choose brighter colors. For younger people, such as children, you can choose brighter colors, such as pink, red, yellow, purple, green, blue, etc., which are more personal The youthful vitality is even more vigorous. In general, if the color is brighter, it will set off the soft skin of children. Second, for many professionals, you can choose black and gray. For many professionals, they are very stable. The choice of glasses color is suitable for choosing black, gray, etc. The color and style of glasses should not be so exaggerated. Black is basically the color that professionals like especially, it is more personal and stable, mature, and black is also a versatile color, suitable for a variety of clothing collocation. Third, women can choose wine red glasses frames. Women can choose wine red glasses frames. Red itself has the characteristics of passion, and wine red glasses frames are not only suitable for women's temperament, but also show the gentle and passionate side of women. , It is also suitable for all skin tones. Fourth, fashionable people can choose leopard color or tortoiseshell color. Leopard color or tortoiseshell color is the more popular pattern color nowadays, and it is also a very beautiful color to wear. It is a good choice for fashion-loving beauties and handsome guys. And leopard print matching clothing is also more popular, wearing leopard print or tortoiseshell glasses, suitable for a variety of occasions. If your skin is yellowish, you need to pay attention to choosing the eye cream of the frame. Try to choose the brightness of the color that is not much different from that of the skin. A color that is too bright will make the skin more yellow without a sense of luster. You can choose a blue style. Yes, or tortoiseshell, choose a lighter color to achieve a balance of gloss, which will be more harmonious. If your skin is darker, you can choose red and black, which look thicker.
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