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What color is hawksbill

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
When choosing glasses, we will encounter a choice is 'tortoise shell color'. Don't know how many doubts as to children's shoes, the so-called 'what the hell is tortoise shell color'? Tortoise shell? Have this color? What do you mean? I haven't heard of. Don't understand children's shoes look here! Small make up today to tell you, what is the tortoise shell, what is the tortoise shell color. Words nearly hit 'biography of Mi month came so the role of a man named' tortoise ', the show's writers who is it? Small make up really want to meet! Mi month, tortoise shell, this name is a than a plain, not clear! But small make up today said 'hawksbill turtle' is not the 'tortoise' oh, ha ha. Tortoise shell, is a turtle crawling outline: it like this: horny plate is covered on the back of tortoise shell tile pattern, its surface is smooth, has a pattern of brown or light yellow and white. 'Tortoise shell color' is actually from tortoise-shell pattern here! Now what we call the tortoise shell color actually is the decorative pattern of similar color. Feel a bit like a leopard. As small make up for everyone to look at the tortoiseshell glasses look like. Sunglasses factory 2167 tortoiseshell C2 plank of all yards neutral myopia 50001 tortoiseshell frames sunglasses factory our fleet plank leisure all yards neutral myopia frame sunglasses factory FB5042 tortoiseshell code in our fleet full frame spectacle frame plate neutral myopia how, look small make up recommend a few tortoiseshell glasses, does anyone have a certain knowledge of tortoiseshell? Ever feel like a small tortoiseshell glasses look fashionable joker again? Such a joker and personality glasses, how can not a pair!
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