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What color lenses are good for sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-18
Faced with all kinds of sunglasses, many people don't know how to choose, especially the colors of the lenses are more. Although sunglasses can play a good protective effect, they also need to do a good job of daily fashion matching. However, the protective performance of different lens colors will also have certain differences. What color lens will be better? How do we choose? First, the brown color system has high comfort. Although the popular lens colors in recent years may be relatively cool, we need to know that sunglasses are more functional protective glasses, so we still need to ensure good comfort and protection. From a scientific point of view, it is recommended that you choose brown lenses, and this is also recognized as the best color choice. Brown-colored sunglasses can absorb 100% of ultraviolet and infrared rays, and because of the soft color, they are also very comfortable to wear. Second, the light gray lens is more mild and gray can directly absorb the infrared system, and most of the ultraviolet rays can be absorbed, and the original color of things can also be seen through the light gray lens, which is very mild. type. Therefore, it is also recommended that if you don't have to wear it in the hot sun, in fact, such light gray glasses are still a very good choice, which are also comfortable and can protect your eyes. Third, the yellow series can absorb blue light. Although most of the time we wear sunglasses outdoors, we also need to watch electronic equipment frequently, so the yellow series lenses are really a very good choice. While absorbing 100% ultraviolet light, it can also absorb most of the blue light, so the field of vision should be clearer. Basically, friends who do outdoor sports will choose this type of sunglasses, and the visual effect will be better. In fact, this type of sunglasses is not the darker the better. The dark color is very easy to affect the vision, and it is not suitable for long-term wear. If the daily sunlight is not enough, it is actually recommended that you choose light-colored lenses, which coexist with comfort and fashion.
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