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What colors are the sunshade glasses in? Which color is better? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-09
Sunglasses are also called sunglasses, which are called more fashionable dress-up products. In addition to blocking wind and sand, anti-ultraviolet rays, filtering out the harmful light of glare and blue light, the greater advantage is to enhance your personal charm and make your overall dress better. With a sense of mystery and fashion. There are many brands and types of sun-shading glasses on the market, and they are also rich in colors. Many people don’t know which color of sun-shading glasses is better. Today, I will come to understand with everyone! First, the sun-shading glasses of different glasses The degree of light absorption is different. Now there are various colors of sun-shading glasses on the market. The more common ones are brown, gray, tea gray, green, yellow and blue. They are all good colors, and they are all very good. The effect of absorbing strong light reduces the sensitivity to affect the color to a lower level. In addition, the common colors of sun-shading glasses on the market are red, orange, purple, etc., which can effectively reduce the penetration of sunlight and can easily cause eye fatigue, which is not very good for the eyes. It is better not to wear it for a long time. . Second, the shade effect of brown and gray is better. When it comes to which color is better for sunshade glasses, there are only two generally recognized ones, namely brown and gray. Most colored glasses will affect the original color of the object when looking at the object, but gray lens glasses will not. Although the gray lens is a little dark when viewing the object, the primary color has not changed because it can absorb light of various colors. Therefore, in the choice of sunglasses color, gray lenses are recognized as the better color, followed by brown, green, yellow, and blue. Third, the choice of the color of the sunshade mirror should be determined according to the actual use occasion. When most consumers choose sunshade glasses, brown lenses and gray lenses are more selected, which can absorb 100% of the sun's ultraviolet rays and eliminate most of the scattered light. It won't hurt your eyes, and the field of vision is still very clear and realistic. But in some occasions, such as skiing, climbing, hunting, you can choose yellow lenses. All in all, it is very important to choose the color of the sunshade glasses. It is better to choose according to the occasion. Outdoor activities like cycling, running, walking, fishing, etc., brown and gray sunshade glasses are better.
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