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What do contact lenses spherical and aspherical mean? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-14
When many people buy contact lenses, they want to know which spherical lens or aspherical lens is better. Indeed, the contact lenses will all have a detailed introduction. If we want to buy more suitable contact lenses, we must always have a full understanding of its parameters. However, many people don't know what the spherical and aspherical contact lenses mean. I will briefly introduce you to them today. What is the difference between the two? In fact, our eyeballs are non-spherical, because they are oval-shaped eyeballs, so if we want to ensure that the contact lens is more comfortable to wear, we must pay special attention to the fit of the eyeball and the degree of fit. The higher, the better the natural clarity, and the comfort of wearing is also guaranteed. Since contact lenses are spherical in the initial stage, there are certain technical limitations, so a good fit cannot be completely guaranteed. However, with the improvement of the technical level of contact lenses, there are now aspheric contact lenses, which are indeed more comfortable and fit. Which contact lens is better? If you want to ensure comfort and clarity of wearing, then aspheric contact lenses must be better. It can be said that the design and production of aspheric contact lenses can be regarded as an improvement in the level of contact lens technology. Such lenses are more ergonomic, improve the sense of sensory, and can also ensure that our daily vision is clearer, and the real object will not be deformed. Especially for high myopia, the aspheric lens is definitely better, with high wearing comfort, and more suitable for our daily applications. Now it can be said that aspheric lenses are a major trend, and it is recommended that everyone has financial strength. In fact, aspheric contact lenses are better. Although the price is high, the effect of wearing them is obvious to all. But we must also consider the cost. If you wear contact lenses often, then aspheric contact lenses are better.
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