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What do I need to know when buying sunglasses for children

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
1, frames can not have sharp edges, also should not easy to damage, otherwise your children are playing may hurt yourself. Recommended reading: children choose sunglass? 2, choose high quality lens, for security reasons, children's sunglasses should use shatterproof resin lenses, as well as prevent UV400. For adults and children, wearing sunglasses can lead to eye pupil dilation. If you don't provide adequate uv protection lenses, dangerous ultraviolet rays will all obstacles to penetrate, and in some cases can lead to permanent damage. 3, choose suitable for children face sunglasses. Children are not able to determine whether glasses good adaptation, or whether the glasses too tight or uncomfortable. You should use optical division experience to help you to choose. Experts will certainly according to the child's face makes up the most suitable sunglasses. 4, amblyopia children should not be wearing sunglasses. The sunglasses is not suitable for small baby. The bridge of the nose and ears have not developed enough to wear glasses. The baby is the best protection wide-brim hats or let them in the shade. Preschool children in the latest began to enter when they should have their own suitable sunglasses.
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