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What do sunglasses do? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-17
Sunglasses can be described as a unique style in this popular society. Whether in the fashion industry or in ordinary life, sunglasses are almost everywhere, especially in summer, sunglasses have basically become a must-have for everyone to use for sun protection. In fact, the role of sunglasses is far more than that. Let's take a look at the role of sunglasses together. The role of sunglasses is: UV protection, eye protection, is a must for people to use sunscreen in places with strong UV rays. The UV index of anti-ultraviolet sunglasses must meet the standard to have the effect of anti-UV400, which can prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. The second function of sunglasses is to improve the clarity of the field of vision. If the sun is strong, we will feel more dazzling. Wearing sunglasses can reduce the light transmittance. If the eyes see things, it will be softer and less irritating. Moreover, sunglasses The color of the lens is different, and the absorption of light is also different. You can choose more specific requirements in the selection. The third function of sunglasses: Sunglasses can also be used for some special occasions. The requirements of this kind of sunglasses are more professional, such as polarized sunglasses, which can be used for driving, water sports, fishing, etc. Some climbers also have professional mountaineering sunglasses, riding Travel enthusiasts have professional outdoor sports sunglasses and more. Usually these sunglasses have higher material and functional requirements. The function of sunglasses four: decorative effect, only limited to the decorative effect of sunglasses, the blocking effect of sunlight is small, generally used as accessories to dress up, does not have a strong anti-ultraviolet effect, mainly because of its trendy style and bright colors It is liked by many young women and suitable for various occasions. The role of sunglasses five: myopia correction. For example, people with low myopia wear myopia sunglasses, which can correct their vision and protect against ultraviolet rays, while those who wear contact lenses can reduce the evaporation of water from contact lenses because they wear sunglasses.
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