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What does subjective refraction mean? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-29
The protagonist optometry is a part of optometry. The importance of optometry for opticians is self-evident, and the fit of the glasses depends to a large extent on optometry. Generally, professional optical shops pay special attention to optometry, and the subjective optometry is not carried out alone, but also needs to be checked to cooperate well. Let's take a look at the main perception optometry together. Subjective optometry mainly includes 1. Monocular optometry; 2. Steps of binocular balance and sensory optometry. The commonly used monocular objective is the initial MPMVA, the precise open optical axis and astigmatism of the crossed mirror, and then the monocular MPMVA, and finally Balance your eyes and try on frames. Discuss the problems that arise during the optometry. Generally, adolescents have strong adjustment ability, so they can still see 0.6 line of optotypes when the initial diopter is added to +1.00D or more. During the first MPMVA in one eye, there may be other problems that need to be used flexibly. The main perception optometry is mainly a comprehensive judgment of the glasses worn by the examinee after wearing the corrective glasses. This kind of protagonist optometry is especially suitable for re-examination after pupil dilation optometry. The protagonist optometry not only enables the examinee to correct his/her vision after wearing glasses and see clearly what he or she wants to see, but more importantly, the examinee feels very comfortable after wearing the glasses. In the main perception optometry, pay attention to the wearing experience of the wearer. In the subjective optometry, the object of the subjective perception is a subjective individual, and individuals have different judgments on the lens, and the wearer also needs to answer the corresponding questions in the optometry according to their own feelings. Optometrists need to be fully flexible in the use of optometry, multi-step inspection, to ensure that the wearer enjoys a clear vision, and can also enjoy eye comfort.
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