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What does the color of sunglasses have to do with blocking UV rays? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-16
We often see people wearing different types of sunglasses, especially in recent years, there have been more popular colors, all kinds of colors are readily available, and the wearing effect is still very cool. We also consider the color when buying sunglasses, but after all, such glasses still need UV protection, otherwise they are just a decoration, and may even affect the health of the eyes because of the wrong color and lenses. So we must know the effect of lens color on UV blocking, and what type of lens is more suitable. What color is UV resistant? It may seem to us that sunglasses are different styles and colors, but we must determine the specific conditions of their UV protection when purchasing them. The main thing is to look at its UV index, which directly proves the filtering effect of sunglasses on ultraviolet rays. The regular sunglasses provided now can guarantee 100% UV protection, UV400 is required. The ordinary optical resin lens UV is weaker, but it can also achieve a certain protective effect. How do different colored lenses work? Brown is more suitable for drivers and daily wear. Most people choose sunglasses not for aesthetics, but for better protection. Especially as a driver, etc., you should still choose brown sunglasses. Brown is a shade that can block smooth and bright radiated light, so we can see the object clearly, and it can also prevent blue light. Silver is suitable for outdoor sports. If you often do outdoor sports, all in the case of dazzling sunlight, then you must consider mercury silver when choosing lenses. It can effectively absorb and reflect visible light, has a very good anti-sunlight effect, and can control glare. Wearing such glasses is very safe. Blue is suitable for seaside travel. Blue sunglasses are really beautiful, but they are not very suitable for daily wear. Therefore, when you travel by the sea and you are more worried about the effect of ultraviolet rays on your eyes, it is more suitable to wear such blue sunglasses.
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