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What eye drops are used for itchy eyes?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-28
There are many symptoms of itchy eyes, some are just simple itchy eyes, some are accompanied by tears, photophobia, etc., and some are mainly caused by allergies, and different causes require different eye drops to prescribe the right medicine. The eye drops currently used are both health-care type and antibiotic type. Let’s take a look at what eye drops should be used for itchy eyes. Eye fatigue is often felt by many young people, and itchy eyes are also a very obvious manifestation of eye fatigue. If you are using your eyes for a long time and blinking less frequently, you can use eye drops such as Tearran, Beifushu, and Aili if your eyes are itchy due to dry eyeballs. Or use eye drops with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, such as Zhen Shi Ming eye drops. If the eyes are itchy and accompanied by other symptoms, it is necessary to observe and judge the other symptoms to choose the right eye drops. If it is just a simple itchy eyes, and it has obvious seasonality, it is also accompanied by nasal itching, runny nose, sneezing and other nose allergies. It may be caused by allergies. You can use anti-allergic eye drops. For example, cromolyn sodium eye drops can control allergic reactions and are suitable for allergic eye diseases such as spring catarrhal keratitis and hay fever conjunctivitis. In addition, similar drugs include lodoxamide, pimilast and so on. For chronic allergic conjunctivitis, hormonal eye drops can be used to relieve itchy eyes, but hormonal eye drops are only suitable for short-term use. Long-term use can easily lead to a decrease in the resistance of the eyes, and it is also easy to produce increased intraocular pressure and hormones. Glaucoma, hormonal cataract, optic nerve atrophy and other hazards. If it is acute allergic conjunctivitis, use anti-allergic eye drops for a short time. For patients with conjunctivitis, it is also good to use antibiotic eye drops. For example, the familiar chloramphenicol eye drops are less harmful to the body, but do not use them for a long time. The obvious symptom of dry eye is also itchy eyes, and dry eye is a particularly obvious symptom. You can drop some artificial tear eye drops to relieve the symptoms. For example, polyvinyl alcohol eye drops have the effect of relieving dry and itchy eyes.
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