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What face what choose sunglasses, which model is suitable for you?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Now the summer arrived, natural to say the summer wear build, in addition to the basic T and short skirt, have to say is the concave shape our summer artifact - — Sunglasses! Sunglasses really is a good thing, not only sunshade, eye, you can also show smaller, boast sunken modelling is a cinch. Wear a pair of sunglasses, even if you're just the simplest wearing black pants, white t take out street, also can promote 90% of your modern degree! Yes, here is the stage of sunglasses today, please proceed with your performance! Sunglasses is a good item, this no doubt! So, the question becomes: so many sunglasses, one which is most suitable for me? Recommended reading: 2018 popular four sunglasses are all here a different face nature should choose different shades! Generally, we Asian face is divided into five kinds: round, square face, long face, heart-shaped face, frame. Round face is we have always said baby face, jaw and chin is round, dividing line is not obvious, chin approximate curve. Compared with round frame sunglasses, round face star who is more suitable for some of the square of the angular sunglasses, can and jaw line, make the face look more contour. For round star people, the black box sunglasses are always the best choice. Black itself to bring their own sense of senior, add sexy shoulders a word, reveal neck lines and collarbone, even face also become fans of senior, who said a rounder face cannot be cool? Yellow lenses daily street there may be a bit exaggerated, but there is nothing wrong with the love of beauty! The modelling of a pair of sunglasses will make you feel more strongly, turns head to ensure double, let you get rid of the passers-by. Compared with round face, square face is too angular, square face of forehead, zygomatic and the width of the jaws are about the same, plus the jawbone comparison, appear chin is not very prominent, which is a very common one kind of face in the crowd. Fairy may have a lot of people don't like to say oneself is a square face, but actually the chiseled face in Europe and the United States in the entertainment industry is very popular, especially in all kinds of show supermodel. Are all face, not suitable for choose the sunglasses too round, or square, if sunglasses are square, can let a person feel the face is very dangerous. Because jaws are more outstanding, the circle in the traveler sunglasses is very suitable for square face. Relatively smooth pilot sunglasses are the best assistant of the superior soft facial lines. Even without makeup will not be afraid, the modelling is enough to give you points. The recent popular yellow aviator sunglasses with blue shirt. A large area of blue with small area of the yellow dot, visual impact is bright, very suitable for summer. Type of face long square face, jaw and also more prominent, the entire face shape also is trenchant edges and corners, but compared to the length of the whole face slightly longer, cause the entire facial too narrow on the vision. Star longer-face people choose sunglasses is very simple, as long as keep out narrow face can solve the problem. Fairies can choose transverse tensile facial lines of sunglasses, such as wider travelers sunglasses, up and down the coarser mirror can also weaken the face long and thin legs. Travelers sunglasses is to make a second face a round of emergency medicine, round box of oversize sunglasses, also can let a face look round some of the bigger picture frame on the vision facial width to fill, and jaw line, and looks more young, more punk, the street is very western style. Heart-shaped face should be is one of the Asian people's favorite face, jaw line is clear, apple flesh is full, chin up before, it looks absolutely girl, harmless. Heart-shaped face is very beautiful, but when choosing sunglasses must avoid 'top-heavy', don't choose a special design, can the normal size. Up and down more angular aviator sunglasses can be used to balance the heart-shaped face round of the jaw, adding facial lines, to face on the vision more full. Retro black round sunglasses, plus handsome choker, reveal a real street toward a clap a photo is ins feeling super strong. Recently very fire 'nabla sunglasses', is also very suitable for heart-shaped face fairy. The rise of frame Angle can be modified facial lines, let face adding some edges and corners. Sweet with a little charm, the simple sense of the whole people is enriched. Nabla sunglasses also bring their own temperament of restoring ancient ways, the feeling is hidden in a mysterious 'bosses' style, cool full marks. Finally is oval faces, the face should be the most popular face now! Frame of fairy, in where? ! Raise your hands, and sunglasses factory allows you secretly pleased a minute! In the mood to use sunglasses concave shape, you beauty you have the final say. Camouflage baseball jacket, simple handsome balls first, and bring the white frame sunglasses, 'the cat ear' young and energetic, summer is the simplest one outfit! 'Not good' wear striped shirt and nabla sunglasses, elegant and sexy again with a cool that fit in the swag girl is you. The tide fairy can choose color lenses with dye-in-the-wood individual character, bright colors will virtually the sense to add many modelling, nifty feeling! Traveling to wear a sunglasses, let your lens flu more fashion, although can't see the eyes, but have a van, travel beauty depends on it. But note that the bridge of the nose high enough sister remember choose to have bazoo holds design, can make facial lines more forceful. About the sunglasses will be here today, sunglass factory confirmed that the eyes, is fashionable, quickly use sunglasses to enhance your fashion outfit!
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