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What factors should be considered when choosing sports sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-12
The sun in summer is very strong, and ultraviolet rays have a great impact on the eyes and skin. In addition to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays that directly enter the eyes, it can also cause damage to the skin and muscles around the eyes. A company that specializes in the design, production, and sales of sunglasses and eyewear conducted a survey on the 'choice of sports sunglasses'. This time, 500 men and women from the 20s to 40s were surveyed. The results of this survey show that 85% of people are very concerned about 'UV rays entering glasses when exercising outdoors.' Continuing to ask, 'Then, when buying sports sunglasses, what is the choice factor that you care more about?' 75% of the people answered that 'UV (ultraviolet) blocking function' was the answer that more people chose. Indeed, for sports sunglasses, one of the more important functions is the amount of UV blocking. Nowadays, transparent lenses can also block about 99% of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, in addition to the ultraviolet blocking rate and the ultraviolet shielding rate, the color of the lens needs to be considered. The darker the lens, the lower the brightness that the eye will perceive. However, there are three points that are different from ordinary sunglasses when worn: 1. In order to prevent sunlight from entering the eyes from the eyebrows, the upper edge of the frame needs to be close to the forehead. Because the sunlight entering the eyes from above will be very dazzling, it may be dangerous to sports at critical moments. 2. The cheeks should not be too close to the frame. If you feel that the lens will stick to your face when you try it on, it means it's not suitable. 3. When looking from the front after wearing, keep your eyebrows away. Wearing sports sunglasses is a very handsome thing, exposing the eyebrows will make the degree of 'coolness' greatly reduced, and it also shows that the style and size of this pair of glasses is not suitable.
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