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What food should be eaten less for hyperopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-04
Patients with refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus, and amblyopia will be very inconvenient in life. Especially patients with nearsightedness and hyperopia, when observing objects, they cannot see the distant and nearsighted objects as clearly as normal people. This is not only related to daily eye use habits, but also related to the food ingested. For patients with hyperopia, what food should be eaten less in daily life, let's take a look with the editor below. The difference between hyperopia and myopia is that when the parallel light from the outside enters the eye, the focal point formed by the patient with hyperopia is just behind the retina, which cannot form a clear image on the retina, causing the patient to see distant objects. Blur, the phenomenon of looking at close objects more blurred. In order to control the development and severity of presbyopia, in addition to surgical treatment, most of humans wear moderate presbyopia glasses for correction. But hyperopia, like myopia, is not only related to daily eye use habits, but also has a lot to do with the food you usually consume. For example, the usual intake of protein, calcium, zinc and other nutrients and trace elements will cause the cells in the eye to fail to carry out normal metabolism and reduce the ability to resist the outside world. However, in addition to the intake of protein, calcium ions, and zinc ions, which can lead to the formation of hyperopia, the usual intake of some foods can also lead to the formation of hyperopia. For example, patients with hyperopia should eat less high-fat foods, such as fatty meat, fried foods, beef jerky, beer, etc., which are all high-fat products. In daily life, they should try not to eat more, so as not to lose the nutrients in the cells in the eyes. To reach saturation. Patients with hyperopia, like those with myopia, should eat more calcium-containing foods in daily life: such as shrimp, kelp, soybeans, milk, egg yolk, etc.; foods containing vitamin A: such as pig liver, chicken liver, goat milk, etc.; Foods containing vitamin C and B: such as fresh dates, citrus, tomatoes, potatoes, meat, animal liver, kidney and milk. In addition, patients with presbyopia should check their vision regularly, and if they have frequent visual disturbances, fatigue or strabismus, they should wear moderate glasses to correct them.
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