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What glasses is suitable for a big face? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-12
The size of the face and the characteristics of the face are very important references for choosing glasses. If a pair of glasses is good-looking, it must conform to the characteristics of the face. Among all kinds of glasses, people with large faces may think that the choice of glasses is not a good choice. In fact, any glasses have a suitable face shape. Let's find out what glasses fit for a big face. If it is a relatively large square face, choose a round or rounded frame to modify the more serious and tough lines of the square face and make the overall face look softer. A frame suitable for a round face. For a larger round face, it is more suitable to choose an angular frame. The line of the round face itself appears softer. If you choose an angular frame, you can add a three-dimensional appearance to the face and make the face look better. It's a little longer. If you need to avoid small frames, you should choose eyebrow metal frames. The frame is slightly thicker, and the color of the lens is cooler and the darker color will have the effect of alleviating the oversized face. If the face is short and big, choose to wear a frame with a transparent frame and a rimless bottom to make the face look more balanced. Heart-shaped face (pointed chin), half-frame glasses without a lower frame; for a long face, choose large-frame glasses to cover a part of the face. It seems that the face is relatively small. Avoid small and slender frames, and choose those opaque and colored Frames or frames that match the shape of your face will have better results. The choice of sunglasses, for example, men's sunglasses face matching is also selected according to the characteristics of the face. What needs to be remembered is that the choice of the frame should not be the same as the face shape. It must be complementary in order to modify the face shape, and decent dressing can also play a certain role.
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