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What happens if I wear color contact lenses to sleep? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-28
Cosmetic contact lenses are a name for contact lenses, but they are also different from ordinary contact lenses. A cosmetic contact lens is a kind of contact lens with various colors, and the wearing effect is obviously more attractive than ordinary contact lenses. It can make your eyes bigger, rounder and more watery. Is it possible to wear cosmetic contact lenses to sleep? What will happen if you wear cosmetic contact lenses to sleep? Let's take a look at it together. Can I wear a cosmetic contact lens to sleep? A cosmetic contact lens is a special kind of contact lens. Compared with ordinary contact lenses, it is more in line with the tastes and needs of the general public. However, the rigid conditions for the production of cosmetic contact lenses make the oxygen transmission rate of the cosmetic contact lenses low, and the oxygen transmission rate of the eye is the most important for contact lenses. If the oxygen permeability is low, the excrement of the eyes will not flow out normally, and will accumulate together, which will affect the health of the eyes. Besides, compared with ordinary contact lenses, cosmetic lenses are slightly thicker and larger. After wearing them, the eyes can obviously not breathe, resulting in hypoxia in the eyes. Therefore, under normal circumstances, if you wear cosmetic contact lenses for a long time, you will have problems such as dry eyes. Therefore, it is not allowed to wear cosmetic contact lenses to sleep nowadays. What happens if you wear cosmetic contact lenses to sleep? <1>. The cosmetic contact lenses block all the eyes, so it will affect the respiration of the cornea, which will make the cornea in a state of hypoxia. If this happens all night, it will cause eye congestion, swelling and pain, tearing, bacterial infection, ulcers and other symptoms. <2>. In addition, long-term use of cosmetic lenses may cause pigment loss, which may cause eye diseases such as keratitis; in addition, when wearing cosmetic lenses, the lens will contact the conjunctiva and cornea; It can cause chronic conjunctival hyperemia and cause conjunctivitis; the most important thing is that if you wear the lenses all night, the deposits of the eyes will accumulate and cannot be excreted, which may lead to the spread of trachoma, hepatitis B and other diseases. <3>. Sleeping with cosmetic contact lenses is prone to corneal edema, epithelial cell damage, and even ulcers. Wearing cosmetic lenses to sleep can cause the eyes to not breathe air, and corneal hypoxia and metabolic disorders will occur, and the health of the eyes will be seriously endangered. . To sum up: When sleeping, it is best to remember to take off the cosmetic contact lenses to let your eyes rest well. This is because the cornea of u200bu200bthe eye when sleeping with cosmetic lenses cannot absorb oxygen well, which will affect the health of the cornea, which will lead to blurred vision and affect the health of vision. In severe cases, it may lead to blindness.
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