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What is a frog mirror, good-looking?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
A frog mirror, sunglasses, big lens, light color, wind mu, sunscreen, are all the rage among young people in the city of 1980 s, espcially become fashionable men and women. Vintage sunglasses are usually called 'clam out mirror'. In the early 80 s, the frog mirror are some fashionable young people essential thing. At that time, this kind of things are very few, on market frog mirror mostly from Hong Kong or foreign country, so, can put on a pair of frog mirror street is the avant-garde fashion at the time. Weren't fashion and avant-garde these words, that is much less than the mainstream. Name origin frog mirror, sunglasses, a large mirror, light color, the wind mu, sunscreen, are all the rage among young people in the city of 1980 s, espcially become fashionable men and women. Why call frog mirror? Perhaps because of the lens, light color, put on the face of the person like a toad's two big eyes, so its name. In the early 70 s, Audrey Hepburn in 'Roman holiday' and 'breakfast at tiffany's' let's see in the movie to 'toad with beauty'. Once, after the actress wears white frame, lens to can cover almost half face heavy big yellow glasses, deep-set eyes deeply buried after the oversized lenses, 30 years later, the classic glasses still is a remarkable fashion code. Sunglasses factory 9015 frog mirror myopia sunglasses popular reason frog mirror should be a love of the stars, although it can be covered in most of the face, but can not cover the eyes of the fans the penetrative, there are still a lot of stars secretly took the glasses when shopping. The general face really picky, plus it if the face is small, the bridge of the nose again, can try. If be big face flat nose, only to laugh. Frog mirror glasses online salon modern plastic composite frame, it light and colour changeable, heaviness and offset the original metal frame. Plastic composite frame in has become a popular symbol of very fine, the pursuit of simplicity, handsome, can be found on the quality of a material point. Package box design makes eyes hidden deep and security. While using hollow out between the two lenses, to give a sigh to glasses too sealed package. Deep purple lens more deep and mysterious, not taking on any details design, make the frog mirror completely with colors and concise design win. Frog mirror with tie-in dress 1 and dress collocation, and frog mirror collocation clothes, demand is not high, dressed relaxed and some, like faye wong often appeared at the capital airport, white or black T-shirt, jeans 7 minutes of pants, flip-flops, even without makeup, only a pair of big frog mirror, shows her star temperament. 2, if cooperate in head scarves, will produce very strong fashion atmosphere. 3, wearing a frog mirror street, and the overall appearance must have the temperament of punk, if you have just a little face a bridge of the nose, it can attract the attention of many and question: this is the star which come out on location? 3, the skin not enough white women choose color lenses, the line of sight of people from less than perfect skin can be transferred to the color on the sunglasses.
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