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What is a frog mirror? People wear for what face shape?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Frog mirror is also called the pilot glasses, called never out of fashion sheet is tasted, many stars are its fans, is one of the more ancient a style frog mirror, although the time is long, but it is not popular. Frog mirror men and women can wear, and belongs to the joker in the cowboy shirt or dress, as long as well dressed wear it very well. But if your cheekbones are wide, may not be well suited to the frog mirror. Frog mirror belongs to the elliptical lens, this lens is not suitable for zygomatic relatively wide crowd, because this would allow the cheekbones look wider face look bigger. Mention frog mirror, have to mention the ray-ban frog mirror. The birth of ray-ban sunglasses from a U. S. air force lieutenant's misery. Sailed across the Atlantic in 1923, the lieutenant driving small aircraft, deeply felt strongly the worries of the sun, after the return to base, or adverse reactions are nausea, headache, dizzy. Based on this, in 1930, the company developed can absorb most of the sunlight, the minimum heat emission, maintain good clear vision ray-ban sunglasses. Ray-ban sunglasses in addition to have good protective functions, designers will be highlighted the design of its appearance design is more rugged mountain temperament of the soldiers. This is the original ray ban aviator sunglasses, also is the frog mirror. In the mid - 80 - s, Tom cruise in 'top gun' ( 壮志凌云) Wear in the classic ray-ban aviator sunglasses modelling is popular all over the world, was a ray-ban sunglasses hot again. Even now, ray-ban frog mirror is still a lot of people love sunglasses styles, because it is in the midst of sunglasses styles joker, is also very classic. Getting to know frog mirror, take a look at the small make up recommend! Ray-ban sunglasses RB3449 men silver/lens dazzle colour blue sunglasses factory YC9712 004/55 men sunglasses C1 gun/green
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