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What is a good brand sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Sorching summer, sunglasses become essentials of fashionable men and women go out to play or go shopping, because it can protect your eyes, and can be more overall modelling looks more fashionable. But a lot of sunglasses let a person dazzling, so what brand sunglasses?
the in the mind of the consumer of the answer is different. When buying sunglasses first is to make sure that you want what kind of sunglasses, when you choose a suitable sunglasses, the sunglasses brand is good for you.

how choose sunglass?

to buy good sunglasses, also is to see the quality of the sunglasses, carefully observe whether sunglasses surface is smooth, do you have any grinding crack, bubble, etc. , otherwise it will cause the bad visual effect and cause discomfort such as dizziness. Note carefully to see if the lenses deformation, can take products to 45 centimeters from the eye, through the glasses to see around the vertical line and horizontal line, move the glasses before and after the up and down, if there is a linear distortion or oscillating phenomenon is unfavorable to buy. Also, pay attention to the lens color sunglasses, according to the transmission of light and visual comfort, dark grey is preferred, can choose medium, such as the depth of the green, grey, dark brown, don't choose red, because red lens of ultraviolet absorption effect is poor, can't protect his eyes.

instinct of human have ego to protect, eyes in case of strong light, the pupil will naturally, through ultraviolet strength will be weakened. Although sunglasses not isolate uv role, but after wearing because the light is not strong, the pupil contraction amplitude will be much smaller, at this moment in uv
line & # 8220; The invasion of & # 8221; Front, portal open eyes, its damage is very large. So don't wear inappropriate or inferior sunglasses, not only can not play the role of eye protection, a lot of damage to the eyes.

sunglasses ten big brands:

1, D& 2 G sunglasses

3, versace sunglasses, ray-ban sunglasses
4, PRADA, the PRADA sunglasses

5, Calvin klein sunglasses, gucci sunglasses
7, 6 tyrannosaurus sunglasses

9 8, the sunglasses, send her sunglasses

10, dolphin sunglasses
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