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What is a good color sunglasses for driving

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Many drivers to wear sunglasses, is much more cool effect, and ignores the function of sunglasses lens colors, so there are a considerable part of the driver will buy some dark sunglasses, in order to allow themselves to be more cool. But to science for everyone here, drive dark sunglasses, for the safety of the driver is there safe hidden trouble. So here explain for everybody 'good what color sunglasses for driving. First of all, we learn about the dark sunglasses what effect for drivers. Many drivers may take it for granted that, dark sunglasses not only look cool, but also about the protective function of the line will be the better. Actually, the function of sunglasses filter ultraviolet associated only with plating membrane, color is not as deep as possible. Open coach drivers, in particular, if wear sunglasses color too deep, eye fatigue, more easily from the strong sunlight to enter the tunnel and other light suddenly dark place also is more dangerous. And sunglasses color too deep eyes may delay time send images to the brain, this visual delay and cause distortion speed feeling, make the drivers to make errors in judgment, and cause serious traffic accident. Research has shown that when the car forward to 80 km per hour, a deep dark glasses will prolong the driver of the situation of the reaction time of 100 milliseconds, add 2. 2 meters distance on the brakes. So don't choose color too deep shades of avoid by all means. Sunglasses factory YC9706 unisex sunglass C1 bright black/grey polarized sunglasses fashion driver driving glasses then we come to understand the different colors of sunglasses have what effect. Recommended reading: the sun glasses color different role in different grey piece: can keep the scene is the most true color, suitable for general people to protect the eyes, is engaged in the general outdoor activities during the day. Unique blue blue mercury piece: mercury coating, can be more effective to block light and flash, and is suitable for the people in outdoor wear, especially afraid of lightning corneal disease, patients with iridocoloboma, also suitable for the average person in the ski and sea sports wear. Amber slices: medium of light transmittance, visual downy, effectively filter harmful blue light, suppress glare in outdoor wear suitable for the elderly. Porn: can increase the scene contrast, suitable for low vision patients for outdoor activities is worn during the day, also suitable for ordinary people to wear in the shooting and golf. Black tea tablets: suitable for patients with retinitis pigmentosa, also suitable for driving people to wear during the day. Can be seen from the above two, the most suitable for driving the color of the lenses is red brown lens, if drivers think they are not suitable for the red brown lens, then the color shallow lens is also to be able to wear. Finally suggests that if the driver can not bring sunglasses, can solve the problem of the sun is dazzling, best don't wear sunglasses. Because the sun glasses, although can effectively reduce the impact on the human eye light, but there will be more or less to eyesight influence, and driving is a high-risk behavior.
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