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What is a good lens sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
What is a good lens sunglasses? The answer is polarized lens. Why is that? Small make up carefully, and listening. Sunglasses factory YC9702 general sunglasses C1 black box white legs/lens dazzle colour silver polarized lens is in the nature of polarized light, can be completely cut off because of scattering, inflectional, such as reflection and dazzling glare caused by various factors. And at the same time for the human eye can be harmful ultraviolet light is completely cut off, make the person is in long-term activities under strong light, the eye is not easy to tired, achieve real protection function, and to see things more clearly, three-dimensional. Polarized sunglasses because 100% to block harmful rays, so more and more popular with more Internet users. Because of its filter function, wear it will get dark to see. In order to filter the sun shone on the water, land, or snow in the direction of equality of dazzling light, special coating on the lens in vertical, is called a polarized lens. Suitable for outdoor sports, For example: offshore activities, skiing and fishing) When use. Ray-ban sunglasses RB8056 men 175/6 q hawksbill although polarized lens a little a lot, but it has its drawbacks as well as. Although it can filter out a lot of irregular light interference, avoid dazzle, the occurrence of the phenomenon such as harsh, but if the lens itself arc bending cannot show optical optical standard refractive status, the polarization effect is weakened, affect the image authenticity.
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