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What is a good material of lenses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
We all know that choosing a short-sighted glasses to see material pledge, now on the market is more common resin lenses, price moderate function is very rich. So when choosing sunglasses had better use what material? Recommended reading: sunglasses buying tips are the material of sunglasses and short-sighted glasses, which are the main types: glass lenses, resin lens, lens, PC and nylon, AC pills, polaroid, etc. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3447 men 002/4 j black/dazzle colour green glass lenses, compared with other material of the lens, optical performance is the best lens material. Surface hardness is very high, it is not easy to be scratch and wear; But the weight is too heavy, and relatively easy to break. So for hobby movement of the consumer, do not use this material of the lens. Resin lenses, is currently the most used type of lens material, it contains the chemical composition of a plant. Its biggest characteristic is light weight, high temperature resistant, impact resistant, and can effectively prevent ultraviolet sunlight, wearing comfortable and healthy, so the resin is a kind of relatively good sunglasses lens material. Contains PC lens polycarbonate, which is a kind of high molecular compound, belonging to a more high-end lens products. Its characteristic is very light, chromatic performance is good, it is easy to realize the phenomenon of dyeing. But with poor wear resistance, optical performance is not very stable, so many consumers don't really like. Nylon pieces: made of nylon, features: very high elasticity, excellent optical quality, strong shock resistance, often used as a protective articles. AC ( Acrylic lens) Features: excellent toughness, qualitative light, high rates of perspective, the fog resistance. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3541 men g 003/8 silver/grey polarizing piece is polaroid piece, its function is to accept only one direction to the light, the other back in the direction of light, it is using the principle of the shutters, filtering noise, light will make us see things more clearly. Polaroid can eliminate glare that is driving a car are preferred; Uv light and the sun in a variety of harmful to prevent the occurrence of cataract; Increase the contrast, clearer vision nature gives you the feeling of cool and refreshing; Mirror superhard processing, increase the polaroid hardness higher wear resistance. Polarized lenses can absorb 99% of the ultraviolet (uv), has the function of anti-fatigue, anti-radiation. At the same time also can see hidden in video graphics, its good toughness, impact resistance, can protect your eyes from harm. The mirror is especially suitable for fishing, driving, sailing, hunting, skiing and other outdoor activities.
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