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What is a good sunglasses drive?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Driver after driving for a long time, will produce fatigue, affect the driving state, so the drive is not a simple cool sunglasses, sunglasses can have very good protection effect to the line of sight, and vision, especially so for driving under the strong light, dark glasses is the necessary auxiliary tool, we have to talk to the driver friends today in the hands of sunglasses, suitable for driving the sunglasses have? Recommended reading: how to correctly maintain polarized sunglasses? Sunglasses is not just to keep out sunshine, dazzling not boast, it is directly related to driving safety. In driving when we were first to focus in front of the situation, and in addition to the sun is dazzling, ahead and road surface reflective, limber windshield after glance, buildings on both sides of reflective glass, etc. , so if you don't have sunglasses, it is easy to cause eye fatigue, another eye in bright and dark environment in the process of switching moment will be unable to adapt to affect driving safety. Polarized lens sunglasses - — Driving choice polarizer can effectively filter the outside light and cool light. If you intend to buy a drive when wearing sunglasses, so remember one word: 'polarizer,' if you really don't understand so much, remember to buy this type of sunglasses can, this is the most suitable for wearing sunglasses when driving. Polarized sunglasses for driving gens wear because polarized sunglasses can reduce glare, effectively eliminate and filter out the scattering light beam, make the vision clear. Wear polarized sunglasses as well as on the window of the room is equipped with shutter, out of the window of the light is adjusted to higher light into indoor, make indoor scenery look will be soft and not dazzling. In addition, polarized sunglasses can reduce glare, resist fatigue, do not interfere with the line of sight, uv protection, etc. Suitable for driving the sunglasses: choose color has exquisite, many people take it for granted that the deeper the color the better uv protection function. Actually, the function of sunglasses filter ultraviolet associated only with plating membrane, color is not as deep as possible. Open long-distance drivers, in particular, if wear sunglasses color too deep, eye fatigue, more easily from the strong sunlight to enter the tunnel and other light suddenly dark place also is more dangerous. Color too deep shades are not suitable for often drive people to wear. This is due to the lens color too deep shades can send the image to the brain's time delay eye, extend an accident drivers react to situations. Sunglasses also want to save, don't put carelessly. Had better use glasses a cloth, put in the car glasses box also warns customer, because of the polarized sunglasses prices more expensive, and is difficult to differentiate true and false, consumers the best professional optician buying sunglasses with polarized light function. When testing the lens, can use special test card of polarized sunglasses, if is really the polarized lens, you can see some special design or text in the images. While ordinary lenses look not to come out. After wear polarized sunglasses, to see the reflective items such as metal, glass in the sun, can clearly feel without the feeling of dazzling.
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