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What is a polarized sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
The sun to the surface, due to causes the reflected glare, glare will enhance brightness ( This kind of light is very dazzling) Color saturation, object contour of vague and irradiation for a long time makes eye fatigue unwell. General sun glasses to light can only be pure to reduce transmission of the light intensity, but cannot eliminate glare. And polarized sunglasses have priority to eliminate glare of function, it is similar to the principle of the shutter, polarized sunglasses in the lenses have similar shutter blades as a single direction of slant optical axis, to effectively filter the incident light, the light through the lens, was subdivided into the light into the eyes, which makes the outside scenery looks more clear, soft and not dazzling, so polarized sunglasses, Can be customized various photometric) Improve visual special effect to have to ride, ride to the full. 10 - ultraviolet wavelengths 380 nm of electromagnetic waves of 315-1, wavelength uv Of the 380 nm for uva, is one of cataract formation. 280-2, the wavelength Of 315 nm for uv B, is one of the causes acute corneal conjunctiva. 3, 10 - wavelength Below 280 nm for ultraviolet C, for the growth of creatures are harmful. Principle of polarized light, polarized lens 1 according to the principle of polarization light volatility and shutters principle of design and manufacture, can effectively reduce glare, eliminate the dazzling light reflected and scattered light, let the messy the light into parallel light, make the vision more clearly soft and clear. 2, polarized lenses polarization Angle and radian professionally design and processing, make the wearer won't feel scenery distortion and vertigo. There are 7 layer 3, polaroid material compound and into, in line with the national solar lens, UV400 ultraviolet ray, protect your eyes. The first layer is polarized layer, is the core of the lens, provide more than 99% of the polarization effect, effectively absorb the glare. The second and third layer of adhesive layer, can effectively resist cutting cuttings, baking, bent, and withstand the test of bad environment. Fourth and fifth floor is for UV absorption, can absorb more than 99% of UV ultraviolet light. Layer to prevent shock, 6 and 7 of the provide good toughness, impact resistance, effectively prevent the lens scratches and prolong the service life of the lens.
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