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What is an interpupillary distance meter? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-20
In glasses, if you want to match the appropriate glasses, the pupil distance measurement of the eye is indispensable, and how to measure the pupil distance accurately is also very important. We know that if the pupil distance of the glasses is not right, not only the glasses worn cannot correct vision well, but also cause visual fatigue. Among the tools for measuring the interpupillary distance, the interpupillary distance measuring instrument is one of them. Let's take a look at the interpupillary distance measuring instrument together. The interpupillary distance measuring instrument is a measuring instrument that measures the distance between the interpupillary distances of human eyes. The working principle is that when the optotype illuminated by the light source is imaged by the optical system at a certain working distance in front of the patient's eyes, when the examinee looks at the optotype, the visual axis of the left eye and the right eye intersect at this specific working distance At this time, the light will form a reflective point on the surface of the patient’s left and right corneas. The operator aligns the bright spot on the pupil with the measurement line, and the patient’s interpupillary distance can be obtained on the display screen. The interpupillary distance measuring instrument is mainly composed of four parts: grating display and its control system, optical system, electromechanical system and computer software. The interpupillary distance measuring instrument has three standard sleeves with nominal interpupillary distance values u200bu200bof 55mm, 65mm and 75mm, and its measurement is very accurate. The deviation between the actual center distance and the theoretical center distance of these three standard sleeves is within 0.1mm. The OD standard simulated eye with the interpupillary distance measuring instrument can simulate the reflective point of the target image on the pupil under the working state. It is a measurement method that uses the coincidence of the corneal reflection points, and can provide right, right + left, left, three measurements, and can be measured in both eyes. Interpupillary distance measuring instrument is also a widely used tool for measuring interpupillary distance.
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