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What is cool 'black tide male star answer for you

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Sunglasses in fashion people they collectively referred to as 'black', the nickname is very image. Hollywood ace stylist Rachel Zoe said: 'without sunglasses, there is no street snap. 'Indeed, for the star, sunglasses function is endless. And whether in the hot summer or any other season, the existence of black can always call people's praise of the trend of fashion. About the black one answer: born in the 1920 s new aircraft development at a high speed. Because of the glare and long flight, pilots are suffering from headache and vertigo. In 1929, Ray - MacCready general request Ban the production of glasses, a new type of air force pilots can protect at high altitude is not affected by glare, at the same time to maintain a clear field of vision. So, Ray - Ban successfully developed a new equipped with large block visible light lens glasses. The glasses to the sales market in 1936, is a with a plastic box and classic pilot glasses lens shapes. This is the earliest frog mirror. Recommended reading: frog mirror to lead fashion trends a return answer 2: about the black super popular answer to the question of the frog mirror how popular fashion circles have an interesting metaphor - — How many toad only in the world, how many people wear a frog mirror. It is clear that frog mirror get the favour of many people. With the passage of time, the black is no longer confined to the frog mirror, there are more and more sunglasses are dubbed the 'black tide model. City boy & amp; Star black super show handsome black super recommended sunglasses factory 9803 c3 frame black lens grey frog mirror sunglasses ray ban polarized sunglasses myopia RB4222 men sunglasses 622/8 g grind arenaceous black/lenses grey
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