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What is going on with dry eyes when wearing glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-09
Wearing glasses with dry eyes is also a condition in life. For myopia patients, a large part of the reason for wearing glasses with dry eyes is excessive use of the eyes, of course there are other reasons. Although there are many people who have dry eyes with glasses, many of the causes are different. Generally speaking, if there are dry eyes with glasses, it is better to check. It may be dry eye. The obvious symptom of dry eye is dry eyes. To determine dry eye, you need to go to the hospital to get it. Climate factors. The more obvious season is winter, and the air in winter is relatively dry. If you use more eyes, eye fatigue and dry eyes will be more obvious. Some elderly people will develop dry eyes in winter. Eye fatigue and dry eyes caused by excessive use of eyes are also the main manifestations. It is more common that computer people use their eyes more, and because they stare at one place for a long time, they blink less frequently and their eyes are more likely to become dry. Ophthalmic diseases may be caused by a single eye disease or a manifestation of multiple eye diseases, caused by a variety of different causes, some also show a foreign body sensation in the eyes, and some are accompanied by other diseases Some of the manifestations are caused by getting angry, but the specific ones need to go to the hospital for related eye examinations. Lack of vitamin A is manifested in dry eyes, dry skin, and night blindness in some cases. The lack of vitamin A is more obvious in computer workers. If you spend a long time in front of the computer, the rhodopsin on the retina will be consumed, and this rhodopsin is mainly synthesized by vitamin A, so computer people often If you feel dry eyes, you can add vitamin A appropriately. Some special people are prone to dry eyes if the tear secretion function is insufficient. For example, those middle-aged and elderly people are more prone to dry eyes because of the decreased secretion function.
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