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What is myopia sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
Myopia glasses, just as its name implies, have myopia glasses and sunglasses two functions, how to blend these two functions, it has produced different kinds of sunglasses, popular the market at present, there are four main introduce below. Sunglasses factory YC9015 myopia sunglasses for different people, according to the different preferences and different use to select the sunglasses, but it is fundamental to from can guarantee the safety of the wearer and vision of the basic principles of damage. Reduce glare, see things clear deformation, uv protection, no distortion of color identification, accurate identification of the traffic signal, should be the basic function of sunglasses. If the function is flawed, does not light up the effect of sunglasses, it will produce consciously don't adapt to the symptom such as dizziness, eye acid bilges, argue sometimes slow to respond, color illusion and depending on the walk of unequal symptoms and cause traffic accidents, etc. So choose sunglasses can not only focus on style while ignoring its inherent quality.
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