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What is the appropriate amount of water in the contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-21
When buying color contact lenses, we must still consider the specific parameters. There are different types of color lenses, and the water content will also be introduced in detail. Color contact lenses are worn by many friends every day, so in order to ensure good comfort, the overall water content and wearing comfort must be considered. But just looking at the parameters, how do we choose the right contact lenses? What is the appropriate amount of water content in cosmetic contact lenses? What does moisture content mean? When we usually buy beauty contact lenses, we will pay special attention to the water content, which will also be introduced in detail. In fact, the water content refers to the water content in the lens. Different water content directly affects the characteristics of the beauty contact lens. The water content is generally divided into high, medium and low, the low water content is generally not more than 38%, the medium water content is generally between 42-60%, and the high water content is generally above 60%. The higher the water content of the cosmetic contact lenses, the softer the clear lenses, but the easier it is to deform. Is the higher the water content the better? Maybe many people want to buy high water content when they buy color lenses, so that they feel more comfortable. However, it is introduced that under the premise of the same material, high water content does have better oxygen permeability, and the lenses are also very soft, so the wearing comfort is relatively good. However, if the water content exceeds 50%, it will be very easy to cause the contact lens to break, and it is also very easy to cause protein precipitation. Therefore, you can see that lenses with a water content of more than 60% are generally disposable, and there is no way to wear them for a long time. Relatively speaking, lenses with low water content have a longer service life, and can also effectively reduce the adhesion of deposits, and the correction effect is better. Generally, the color lenses that are thrown every six months will choose the type with low water content, because the lenses can be used for a longer time. The contact lens itself has no water, so it will directly absorb the water in the eyeball, so the water content of the lens is generally absorbed by our tears to maintain the water content. Therefore, if you wear contact lenses for a long time, it is more likely to cause the problem of dry glasses. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the appropriate contact lenses according to your actual situation, so that the wearing comfort is also good.
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