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What is the basic process of plastic thermoforming-car convex mirror

by:Eugenia     2022-01-06
All operations in the manual equipment, such as clamping, heating, evacuation, cooling, demoulding, etc., are manually adjusted. Various operations in the semi-automatic equipment, except that clamping and demolding need to be completed manually, the others are automatically completed by the equipment according to pre-set conditions and procedures. All operations in the fully automatic equipment are fully automated by the equipment. Sheet clamping → heating → forming → cooling → demolding. Among them, molding is the most important and complicated. Most of the thermoforming is carried out on a forming machine, which varies greatly depending on the thermoforming method. All kinds of molding machines do not have to complete the above five processes, and can be selected according to actual production needs. Usually the maximum size and maximum forming depth of the clamping device are used as the main parameters of the thermoforming machine. The basic process of thermoforming ① clamping of materials. When the material is clamped by thermoforming, when a plastic board (sheet) cut to a certain size is used, in order to prevent thermal shrinkage and sagging of its own weight, the board (sheet) is clamped around the material to maintain the demoulding shape. ② Heating. The heating system heats the plate (sheet) material to the temperature required for molding at a fixed time and at a constant temperature, so that the material becomes a highly elastic state and ensures the smooth progress of the next molding process. ③Forming. The process of plasticizing the plate (sheet) material softened by heat into a desired shape through a mold and various related devices. ④ Cooling system. Cooling the basically formed plastic product with a certain temperature to below the thermal deformation temperature, so that the product is cooled and solidified, after being removed from the mold by the demolding device, the size is fixed and the product does not deform. Key words: car convex mirror
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