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What is the better diameter of the color contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-20
Women or men who wear beauty contact lenses know that the diameter of the beauty contact lenses is not as large as possible, nor as small as possible, and can only be selected according to the size of their own eyes. Because the color contact lens itself has the effect of increasing the size of the eyes, people with big eyes generally choose a smaller or moderate color lens diameter, and those with small eyes will choose a larger color lens diameter to set off the pupil of the eyeball. size. So let's take a look at how big the diameter of the contact lenses should be. Generally, in the contact lens market, the diameter of color lenses is mainly between 13mm-16mm, and of course there are larger diameter lenses, such as MIMO lenses with a diameter of more than 16.5mm. But the diameter is not getting better and better. Sometimes the diameter is too large, which may easily lead to falling off; too small, the viewing area is limited, and the field of view is not wide enough. 1. Consumers with small eyes can choose beauty contact lenses with a diameter of 14-15mm, so that the lenses are relatively stable and will not fall off easily. 2. If you want the effect of eye enlargement to be more obvious, you can choose a color contact lens with a slightly larger diameter, such as about 15.5mm, but it should not be too large, otherwise it will easily cause the lens to slip. 3. Consumers with larger eyes can generally wear color lenses of any diameter, but in order to have obvious enlargement and brightening effects, and not easily slip off, you can choose color lenses with a diameter of 15mm or more. 4. According to observation, Asians have medium eyes, not too small or not. Therefore, it is recommended that the diameter of the lenses should be within 15mm to avoid damage to the cornea due to excessive diameter. Especially for color contact lenses, try to choose between 14-14.5mm, which not only has the effect of increasing the pupil size, but also can experience the comfortable feeling of wearing. 5. Many manufacturers of color lenses and contact lenses will have products with a diameter of 18mm or larger. In fact, the larger the quality of the lenses, the more likely there will be problems. Therefore, it is better not to exceed the diameter of 16.5mm when choosing. Because of the larger diameter of the contact lenses, although wearing more comfortable, but easy to cause damage to the cornea. For Orientals, due to the characteristics of the eyes themselves, it is more appropriate to choose a diameter within 14.5. However, it is better to choose the diameter of the beauty contact lens according to the size of your eyeball, so that there will be no problems such as lens falling off, and it is easy to cause corneal injury, and it will be more comfortable and easy to wear.
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