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What is the cause of dizziness when wearing the new glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-07
For people who need to correct their vision, it is very common to wear glasses, and wearing a pair of suitable glasses and wearing comfortable glasses is the wish of the glasses, and there are always some people in life who feel that they have new glasses. Wearing dizziness, then, what is the reason for this? Let's take a look at the reasons for dizziness when wearing new glasses. Generally, the inaccuracy of optometry is a very important factor. If the degree of myopia is too deep, it will cause uncomfortable wearing, nausea and discomfort. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a good optometry place. For example, the Hong Kong-style 21-step optometry is used. The optometry is not only accurate, but also reliable, and has a good reputation in the industry. If the pupillary distance of the eyes is not correct, the pupillary distance of the glasses will be incorrect, the center distance of the lens and the pupillary distance of the eyes will be inconsistent, and the eyes will be uncomfortable and dizzy after wearing. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the interpupillary distance accurately. Some people are used to the old style, and the new style is very different from the previous style. Therefore, if you just wear it, you will also experience dizziness. This phenomenon generally occurs in those with a long history of fitting glasses, and the eyes are accustomed to the distance and angle of the previous lenses. In the case of the new model, the distance and angle of the lenses from the eyes have changed, and it will appear inapplicable. This is normal. Some people used to wear spherical lenses, and now they have dizziness after wearing aspherical lenses, as long as you get used to it. In the long-term use of the previously worn glasses, the old glasses are deformed, and the eyes will adapt to the deviation caused by the deformation of the glasses in the long-term use, and the newly equipped glasses are adjusted for this deviation, and the eyes cannot adapt for a while, causing dizziness. Therefore, new glasses generally require a certain period of adaptation.
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