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What is the cause of eye fatigue? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-28
In addition to eye fatigue, eye fatigue is also related to the body and other factors. Eye fatigue is often felt by many people at work. Dry eyes, uncomfortable eyes, dizziness, etc. I believe that many people want to relieve these symptoms. Then, only by understanding the causes of eye fatigue can we improve Good to relieve eye fatigue, let’s take a look at the causes of eye fatigue. The more common factor is excessive eye use, which is an important factor in causing eye fatigue. For example, people who drive a car will stare at the front for a long time, and their eyes will tire unconsciously. People who have been facing the computer for a long time blink less frequently, produce less tears, and have dry eyes. They are also prone to fatigue. Environmental factors, such as insufficient light, too strong light, and flickering light, can cause heavy burden on the eyes and fatigue of the eyes. Physical factors, in the case of spleen-qi deficiency, lack of qi and blood, dizziness, weakness, eyes are not very clear, and eyestrain. Weakness and certain special periods, such as pregnancy, may also be prone to eye fatigue. Suffering from diseases, such as anemia, can also affect the adjustment ability of the eyes, and eye fatigue can also occur. Eye abnormalities, for example, because of the large pupil distance of the bright eyes, it is difficult to gather the bright eyes, and it is also prone to eye fatigue. Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and other refractive errors are also prone to eye fatigue. Incorrect vision correction, such as true myopia, without proper glasses, is also prone to eye fatigue. Uncomfortable glasses can also cause eye fatigue. Ophthalmic diseases, some inflammations cause slow blood circulation and metabolism of the eyes, unclear things caused by ophthalmic diseases, and eye fatigue is also prone to occur.
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