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What is the cause of the sluggish eyes?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-27
Sluggish eyesight is also called 'sluggish eyesightPatients who suffer from sluggish eyesight will suffer from decreased vision and blurred vision if they are not treated for a long time. What is the cause of the sluggish eyes? Let's take a look at it together. Sluggish eyesight is a chronic eye disease, which is generally caused by a certain disease, such as: <一>. Congenital disease, that is, congenital, usually due to chromosomal abnormalities, congenital hydrocephalus, etc. Will cause dull eyes. <2>. Trauma, such as accidental contusion, hemorrhage and ischemia, can also cause local brain tissue softening, and can also cause sluggish eyesight. <3>. Infection, some encephalitis, meningitis, acute hyperemia of brain abscess, optic disc edema, etc., will affect the blood exudate to cause seizures, and infect the eyes, causing sluggishness. <4>. Ingestion of large amounts of lead, mercury, carbon monoxide, ethanol, etc. can cause body poisoning, which will weaken the secretory function of the eyes, and occasionally show sluggish eyesight. <5>. Lack of nutrient vitamin B6 will cause: hypoglycemia, diabetic coma, hyperthyroidism and other diseases, cause seizures, and finally cause sluggish eyesight. Because sluggish eyesight also affects vision loss, it is also a concern in family and society in life. Therefore, you should arrange your work, study, and rest in your daily life to prevent excessive brain fatigue; and you should also exercise regularly, such as playing basketball, running, etc., to enhance your physical fitness, and it is also very useful for preventing sluggish eyesight. Good results.
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