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What is the difference between cheap and expensive reading glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-27
It is normal for the elderly to have presbyopia at a certain age. In fact, they only need to choose reading glasses, so they are comfortable to wear and have a clear vision. But maybe many people are also very entangled when they wear glasses. There are 10 yuan worth of reading glasses at the roadside stalls everywhere, and the glasses cases are quite exquisite. But there are also many brands of high-quality reading glasses whose prices are really high, but what is the difference between cheap and expensive reading glasses? What are the differences? First, the quality of the lens and the frame are different, even if they are the same reading glasses, their quality is different, the cost price is different, and the natural sales price will also be very different. With glasses, you should definitely consider the specific quality. Why can you buy reading glasses for ten dollars at a roadside stand? Because the frames are generally made of plastic, the cost price may be only one yuan, and the lenses are also low-end values, there is no coating, and there is no wear resistance, and there may be a certain degree of deviation in the degree. The price of reading glasses provided above is high, because the lens itself has good abrasion resistance, and also has eye protection performance, especially the anti-blue light effect is very strong, there will be no problems when looking at mobile phones, etc. . Especially in some ultra-light situations, the quality of the sheet itself is relatively good, and the price of titanium steel material itself is very high. This kind of reading glasses can also be used for a long time, and the wear resistance is very high. Years are no problem. Second, the degree of accuracy is different. Some reading glasses do look good and can be purchased for more than ten dollars, but some are obsolete products of the brand. We basically do not see the corresponding brand introduction. Many of them belong to Three no products. Even if such reading glasses are worn, they are not safe enough, and many elderly people do not understand these, and may not be comfortable to wear and do not know how to talk about it. Therefore, it is recommended that glasses should be used through formal channels to ensure that the glasses are accurate and comfortable to wear.
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