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What is the difference between different colors of myopia sunglasses lenses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-24
There are many myopic friends who want to wear myopic sunglasses in the summer, so that the wearing effect is also good, and they can also protect their eyes. There are also many high-end myopia sunglasses. You can also choose according to your actual needs. This can ensure a good matching effect, and the price can be much cheaper. So what is the difference between different color lenses? 1. Gray lenses. Gray lenses are more balanced, and the wearing effect is more beautiful. When looking at things, there is only a little dark, but there will be no chromatic aberration, so the natural feeling will be stronger. If we often wear sunglasses in some non-glare environments, then it is more recommended that you choose gray lenses, because these are neutral colors. Moreover, the effect of absorbing infrared and ultraviolet rays is also good, so the lens will be better in terms of visual effects. Second, brown lenses often have to face some electronic equipment, brown lenses are definitely the first choice, because the effect of filtering blue light is better. In addition, light brown lenses can basically be worn indoors and can absorb a certain amount of ultraviolet rays, so the wearing effect is very good. Especially in many cities, smog appears, so it is also very suitable to choose such brown lenses. In particular, it is more appropriate for the driver to wear brown lenses, so that both ultraviolet and infrared can be absorbed, and the irritation to the eyes can also be reduced a lot. Third, in yellow lens myopia sunglasses, there should be more yellow lenses, and many people will choose this kind of lens. The yellow lens can absorb 100% of ultraviolet rays, as well as most of the blue light, and the visual effect is very clear. However, this type of sunglasses is not strictly speaking, but it can reduce a lot of ultraviolet rays, so it is good in terms of practicality. If you want to wear them daily and don't want to change glasses back and forth, then yellow lenses are good.
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