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What is the difference between reading glasses that cost tens of dollars and hundreds of dollars? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-23
With the increase of age, many people have the condition of presbyopia. At this time, it is definitely necessary to wear special reading glasses, otherwise many things will be completely unclear when looking at close range. There are indeed many brands of reading glasses in China, and the types are complete, but there are no reading glasses that cost more than ten yuan on the street. So what's the difference between cheap and expensive reading glasses? Does the expensive one have to be better? Different materials In fact, not only reading glasses, but also the materials of other glasses will have great differences, especially the materials of lenses and frames are different, which will have a great impact on the cost and price. Especially for some high-end lenses, the material itself should be better, the wear resistance of the lens should be stronger, and it is also lighter, which is very suitable for daily wear, so the price of reading glasses of high-quality material must not be only ten yuan. However, we can also buy it through, and the price of buying reading glasses online is still more favorable. As the age increases, the degree of presbyopia will also increase, so try to choose high-quality reading glasses. Different design Although it is reading glasses, it is not an ordinary type of reading glasses that everyone is willing to buy. After all, sometimes beautiful glasses are difficult to ignore. Some have a strong sense of design, especially the frame is made of high-end TRR90 material, so there will definitely be some differences in price. Moreover, the design cost of some brands is higher, so the price of reading glasses will be different for different designs and brands. Different sales channels Different sales channels will naturally have certain differences in price. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the situation of sales channels. For example, if we purchase directly through it, we will naturally be able to purchase more suitable reading glasses, and the price will be more cost-effective. The quotations of big brands are more favorable, and the platform can guarantee genuine products, so that it is very easy for us to buy high-quality reading glasses.
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