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What is the difference between the diameters of contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-20
The beauty of beauty contact lenses is still good, although many brands use some basic styles of beauty contact lenses, and the natural styles are also very everyday, no matter what type of makeup and style it is, it is very easy to hold. It is recommended that you choose the color contact lens according to your actual situation. The color and diameter are very important. And the diameter of eyeglasses on the Internet is very different, so what is the impact of such a gap? How do we choose the right lens diameter? 1. Introduction to the average corneal diameter of Asians The corneal diameter of Asians is actually relatively small, so if you want natural lenses, the diameter should be as close as possible to our basic eye diameter, so that the naturalness It is also guaranteed. Therefore, according to the average corneal diameter of 12MM, basically the diameter you need is about 14MM in diameter, and many brands of natural lenses in China have such a diameter, which is very comfortable and natural. Guaranteed. Second, you can choose color contacts with an expanding effect. Some of the color contacts have a ring-shaped layer, and some are of gradient color. In fact, they are all natural and very beautiful color contacts. It is suggested that some people who want to make their eyes look more beautiful and larger, then they can choose the diameter of 14.2MM-14.5MM. By expanding the overall diameter in this way, your eyes will look very beautiful, and 14.5MM is basically a large-diameter color contact lens, and no matter how large it is, it may not be very beautiful. Third, consider the actual size of the eyes. If your eyes are relatively large, there is no problem in choosing some lenses with large diameters, but if you have small eyes or slender glasses, the diameter of the lenses should be as large as possible. It is controlled at about 14MM, so the effect of wearing is better. There are a lot of 18mm diameter lenses on the Internet. After the base arc is worn, it looks fake at a glance, and it's not beautiful, so it is not recommended for everyone to choose such unnatural color lenses.
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