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What is the difference between the lens of Essilor and the lens of Essilor? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-29
Different types of lenses have different processing modes, and the specific quality will also be very different. If we want to buy more suitable lenses, in fact, everyone can buy them through. The types of lenses on this platform are very rich, and we can also buy lenses from big brands at a better price. However, many people may think that brand lenses like Essilor are better, although the price is higher, but the quality is better. So what is the difference between ordinary lenses and Essilor? First, the coating is different. Our lenses are coated differently, so the overall wearing effect will definitely be different. And everyone should be very clear that different types of lenses will have certain differences in their own functions, so you should definitely compare them when purchasing. In comparison, it is recommended that you choose and buy according to your actual needs. Essilor will also have different types of film types, and the price will definitely be different, so we should definitely make an overall comparison. Second, the series of functions are different. The series of functions of each lens will have certain differences, so we must still do a good job of comparing the basic functions. Ordinary lenses may only have the function of anti-blue light, but they cannot protect against ultraviolet rays, or discoloration. However, Essilor has many lens series that can effectively protect against discoloration, and there are many anti-fatigue lenses in the sales volume that are very high, although the price is relatively high, everyone is more recognized. Third, it can be customized, and we can also directly customize the lenses of Essilor, because many Essilor have stock lenses now, but this brand can be customized, so it can guarantee a good wearing effect. Especially for some highly myopic friends, the comfort of customized lenses will definitely be better. Although the price is slightly higher, the clarity and overall wearing effect are indeed worthy of our trust.
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