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What is the distinguishing feature of polaroid sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
Polaroid Eyewear Polaroid glasses belong Safilo it group, is a global pioneer in the field of optical and lens technology, the products sell well all over the world. In 1929, invented the first artificial polarized lens, polaroid company was founded in 1937, lens of manufacturing excellence and high quality sunglasses, paved the way to build a successful brand. Polaroid Polaroid means 'Polarizing Celluloid' ( Polarizing filter membrane) , it is innovation gives the company a name. Polaroid in 2000 released its unique Thermofusion technology, and the registered trademark; At the same time develop new UltraSight high-end polarized lens, and its success to the market. Polaroid sunglasses has the following characteristics: 1, high quality of polaroid polarized lenses, eliminate view reflected glare, in the more 100% of the ultraviolet UV400 shut the eyes of the infringement; 2, by strengthening the contrast, make the vision more clearly, safe driving, effectively relieve fatigue; 3, do manual work is delicate and exquisite, no stimulation to the skin, without oppressive feeling, corner fittings solid, durable, wear comfortable; 4 international style decoration, atmosphere, composed joker sedate texture, make light of urban fashion and elegant aristocratic fashion sense.
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